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Property Management

Managing Your Rental Property in Dubai

Great Deal Real Estate Services specializes in the properties management of small apartments units, Villas, Full buildings and other commercial properties.


  • Design and implement a marketing campaign specific to your property


  • Perform frequent inspections of the property
  • Recommend repairs and improvements
  • Hire qualified and competent contractors


  • Prepare a lease with the landlords rights in mind
  • Screen applicants
  • Enforce all terms of the lease
  • Administer lease renewals, rent increases, notices to vacate, notice of lease violation and late notices
  • Evict delinquent and problem tenants


  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Pay expenses out of the rental proceeds
  • Maintain tenant and property files
  • Maintain tenants’ security deposit in the manner required by law
  • Register rental properties with the appropriate government agency and keep registrations current

We also give each of our clients a written personal service guarantee. If after three months you are not satisfied with the job we’re doing, we will refund all managment fees for that period.

If you are interested in learning more about our rental property management services, please call +971 (04) 432 1503 or email at